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Contentment… At Last!

Testimony from Dot, Whitby


I found Heather quite by accident.  “The non-success of most of my relationships surely couldn’t be everyone else’s fault all the time, could it?”  What was happening that caused so much anger, and left so many burnt bridges behind me?  I NEEDED to know this.  I felt it would save my wretched life.  

I had not come to terms with my early history.  I had not found a way to reconcile all that had happened and carry on as a productive adult.  Although I longed to be what I believed was a “good” person… and quite often, I was… I couldn’t sustain it.  If my principles were ruffled, I became someone “with a temper”.  And I hated that woman!  That is NOT how I wanted others to see me.  I wanted the complete opposite of that, but had absolutely no idea how to go about getting it.


I’d tried all kinds of therapies over the years.  I’d read umpteen self-help books.  I’d journeyed through The Secret and Laws of Attraction.  And I’d been doing these things  for a very long time… I was in my first psychiatrist’s chair by age 13… because I was writing poetry about taking my own life.  

I felt extremely unloved.  My biological father left when I was 5. I knew every abuse one could know by the age of 19.  Sure, I was angry.


So my 20’s came and went.  Then my 30’s.  And my 40’s.  And still… still I couldn’t find that elusive happiness.  I was still talking suicide by the time 50 came.  I stilled longed for peace… or even some semblance of contentment within myself.


Then I found Heather!!  The missing link to the jumbled puzzle.  The one person who could really help me… after all these many years.  She’d been there you see… she’d traveled my path.  She knew what it was I was trying to say, trying to do with myself, my life, the people in it… but more importantly, she could see where it was all going wrong… and it started with me.


It’s been half a year since I last saw Heather, and my life has turned around ten-fold!... all for the good!  I feel strong now.  I feel good about myself.  I know I have a Christian soul even if I don’t attend church.  I have friends and family who love me beyond belief!  I am no longer… as I used to think for a very, very long time… alone on this earth.


Heather changed all that.  And I will always be grateful.


Just Dot