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Ihighly recommend Heather Walter's Inner Balance Coaching coaching. I had gone through a separation that left me depressed, angry, resentful and confused. After several months in the past with another Therapist, I hit a wall and wasn't able to move forward.  Within a few appointments with Heather Walter I was seeing large positive shifts in my attitude and I found inner peace.   Thank-You Heather for helping me created a calm confidence in my life that I have never known.


Whitby, Ontario


I am now pretty confident in what is ahead of me. I now know I have the resources to go through life the way I want, thanks to you.  In making me see who I really was I have dug myself out from under all the weight of my insecurities and self doubts. Thank you, thank you. You are an angel from heaven. I truly believe so.  


Gail Shier



Unhappy feeling

Heather embodies wisdom and strength.  Her courage and motivation is an inspiration.  Through her wealth of knowledge and insight she has led me to a deeper understanding of myself, and that I create my own realities.  Heather’s practical and professional guidance has been most welcome and supportive.  I wholeheartedly recommend Heather as an Inner Balance Coach.

Christine Jefferies

Pickering , Ontario


My whole perspective on life has changed for the better!  I feel self-empowered for the first time ever!  With Heather's coaching I now believe in my own ability to create the life I want for myself! Heather has this innate quality that allows others to feel totally at ease, safe and valued.  This coupled with her genuine desire to enable others to know their true selves and their capabilities are a part of why I feel personal growth is virtually guaranteed with her guidance!  Thank you; you have been a vital part of the best year of my life!                  

Sharron Poirier

Burlington, Ontario


Evaluation:  Depressed, very angry, low self-esteem and feeling lonely and unhappy.

Within 3 Months: Prier to seeing me David had been seen a therapist for 3 years.  After 3 months of counseling he said to me, "In my whole life, I've never felt this peaceful inside."

Within 11 Months:  Counseling twice a month for 4 months and once a month after that, David is now enjoying many new relationships in his life.  People he works with great him with a warm hello, his dating life is fun and he no longer fears rejection.  The anger is way down and confidence is way up! 

In David's Words:  "I found myself at 50 going through major life changes.  To get my life back on track, I spent the greater part of 2009 trying to figure out how things got so bad, could I ever move forward after the separation and divorce, in a positive and fulfilling way?  I went to a therapist and read books but in the end I was getting confused and moving no where.  After a few months of searching it was recommended that I give Heather Walter at Courageous Confidence a try.  Heather has helped me regain my inner strength to make the positive changes I needed in my life.  I now feel so much better about who I am plus confident in moving forward.  I feel an inner peace that I have not had before, all this in just a few sessions with Heather.  I highly recommend her counseling services for divorce and self esteem issues."

David, Toronto

Ontario, Canada


Nicole's Evaluation: Doubt, fear, resentment and unhappy in marriage and career.

With 6 Months of Coaching:  Nicole is like a child on Christmas morning who just can't wait to play the game called life.  She has embarrassed her challenges in separation, her unhappy marriage took it's tool on her self esteem and today her confidence is soaring.  She is full of smiles and brings laughter to any moment.  She over flows with compassion reconnecting with people and her passions.  Her long dreamed about dance business is now a reality.

In Her Words:  "It's been over a year since I walked out of Heather's counseling feeling 10 feet tall.  There's nothing like a year of letting a new consciousness simmer through.  I know who I am, I know what I want and I am fully accountable for where I am today.  Other people's opinions don't carry the weight they used to.  I no longer face my challenges with fear, resentment and anger but instead with a scintillating flutter of impending opportunity.  Life is full of hope and wonder and I live it freely embracing all my values."

Nicole Z

Dance Fitness Instructor



public speaking

Thank you.  You are a wonderful story teller and you are perfect for your line of work.


Elaine Donnelley

Holy Family Church

"Heather's understanding of, and passion for good health is obvious from the first time you meet her. She teaches and enlightens in a simple, clear and engaging way that inspires the listener to get involved and really take something away from the teaching. Her lectures/talks are well-prepared, and have lots of room for audience participation and involvement. I highly recommend this group, and I look forward to more of Heather's meetings!"   Rienier


More testimonials...

"At 5'2" I walked out of the course feeling 10 feet tall, strong and beautiful.  I feel a quiet within me yet there is an excitement and youthful joy I can't suppress!"

Nicole Zanchuk



Guest Speak for the Book Club
I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you so much for facilitating the session with our Book Club last night. It was such a positive and enlightening experience.  The way you went about delivering your message was brilliant; you first sought to understand us and then delivered things in a quiet and thoughtful way giving much latitude to the open culture of the group. Brilliant! We are very much interested in you coming back for Courageous Confidence Part Two.

Again, thanks so much,

Claire Tucker-Reid

Ajax, Ontario

"I was always angry and resentful. The personal growth that I have experienced, has improved my relationship with my family and friends. I lead a calmer happier life."  

Paul DenBraasem

Heather I refer to you as "The Magician" because through counseling, bad thoughts  disappear and good thoughts appear.  Dean Gabriel, Oshawa, Ontario

Group Work

I wanted to share a personal note of appreciation to you for the time spent with our book club last week. You are a most talented leader – able to flex your approach to the given situation, as you did so adroitly for us. You were able to meet a group of women – each of us sporting such different psyches and needs – and extract, in relatively short order, something meaningful for each of us. Thank you!

Barb Brown

Ajax, Ontario


Evaluation:  Depressed, angry, low self-esteem, unhappy with some relationships

Within 6 Months:  New challenges, enriched relationship and changes have been met with a creative new energy.  Melanie was promoted, acknowledged her creative problem solving of things that were once past frustrations.  With a playfulness she joyfully embraces life.

In Melanie's Words:  "it wasn't so very long ago that my life was lacking in so many areas. I was in such a state of destruction. I was desperate for change.  Amazing changes came as a direct result of The Inner Balance Coaching, working with Heather is a gift that I treasure.

It is her best energies she puts forth in meeting the needs of those whom she supports. Her highest and constant priority is being purposefully minded and ensuring material presented is being fully grasped. She is committed and dedicated to helping her clients.

Heather strives for excellence in all she undertakes.  Inner Balance Coaching can be very demanding and yet she has shown that her abilities are outstanding.

Thank you Heather for the gifts that you have shared of yourself! I will and have been able to accomplish what I believed to be impossible! Let the peace and bliss go on and on….Thank you so very much!!!


"All my relationships, with my kids, my mom, at work, are all better, so much better, and it's from my coming to get coaching from you.  Thank you Heather because this has brought more happiness into my life!."
Fredericha Oller-Sung

With coaching from Courageous Confidence, Sancor Industries has seen the employees display a increased level of confidence in their work.  More is getting accomplished, employees are accountable, take initiative and complete tasks with impressive results and less mistakes.  Pryor to coaching employees took more sick days off, made more mistakes, and follow through used to required assertive management efforts.  Sancor Industries feels confident and able to create growth like never before as a result of the coaching.

Tara D'Oliveira
Sancor Industries