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Motivational speaker

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"Heather has such a passion for helping people be the best they can be both personally and professionally. And she truly has the ability to capture and keep the attention of her audience, leaving them wanting more."

Jodi Muraca, General Manager, Shaklee Canada Inc, Burlington, Ontario

"Powerful presentation. I came away with a greater understanding of what I need to make the changes I want. Heather's delivery is engaging and relatable. Love the personal stories she shares to drive home her key points."  Gay Merrill

"Heather's understanding of, and passion for good health is obvious from the first time you meet her. She teaches and enlightens in a simple, clear and engaging way that inspires the listener to get involved and really take something away from the teaching. Her lectures/talks are well-prepared, and have lots of room for audience participation and involvement. I highly recommend this group, and I look forward to more of Heather's meetings!"  Rienier


"When Heather stands before a room to speak, people listen. She speaks from the heart with knowledge and strength. A motivational speaker any group would benefit from having."

Jody Poliquin, Brooklin, Ontario


“Thank you for being our guest speaker. You are a wonderful storyteller, and you are perfect for your line of work.”

Elaine Donnelley Holy Family Church, Whitby, Ontario


"Thank you again Heather for being our guest speaker and speaking to the residents. You have a very positive energy and were easy to relate to. The residents enjoyed your talk and the examples you gave. We look forward to having you back in the near future."

Shane Parsons, Leisure & Learning Outreach Facilitator, Stonehenge Therapeutic Community, Kitchener, Ontario

Lead With Remarkable Resilience and Strength


Fearless Confidence   *    Authentic Leadership   *   Increase Production   *    Conquer Goals

          Learn three debilitating ways you hold yourself back and eliminate them. 

          Find the strength within you, that you never knew you had.

Eliminate fear from decision making, put an end to timid engagement, lack of leadership and poor group dynamics.  Create a team of inspired and bold producers and tap into the potential of the group as well as the individual.   



"When Heather stands before a room to speak, people listen. She speaks from the heart with knowledge and strength.  A motivational speaker any group would benefit from having"                                        

Jody Poliquin
Brooklin, Ontario

Thank you for being out guest speaker, you are a wonderful story teller and you are perfect for your line of work.


Elaine Donnelley

Holy Family Church

Whitby, Ontario

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Companies  Heather Has Done Workshops & Keynote's For Include:


Shaklee Canada

Town of Ajax

Stonehenge Addiction Center

One Parent Families

Foster Parent Canada

Holy Family Church

& Several Guest Appearances On

Rogers TV





"You served up a plate of food for thought, very insightful and informative."   John H


"You are a great speaker!   It's very inspiring to listen to your views on life."   DMS

"She put things into perspective."   Ross M

NEW: Educational Forum of Durham

Educational Forum of Durham

These seminars will be jam-packed to provide answers, options and solutions because I believe knowledge promotes empowerment. This space and the time devoted to the forum is for a special purpose, the healing of hearts, homes and health!