Self-Esteem, Confidence and Leadership

Aware or not, apprentice or master, your actions today create tomorrow!


 Heather Walter

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There is something very attractive about a person who is happy from the inside out!

You can resolve your current problems, rebuild your sense of personal power and move beyond this difficult time.

Do You Have Low Self-Esteem?

Your try to do everything perfectly.

You are afraid to love others.

You often have unreasonable expectations of the people you are close to?

You have a consistently negative view of just about everything.

You prefer to let others make decisions.

You often think people are laughing at you or thinking negatively about you.

You often deflect compliments and praise.

You are very critical of other people.

You often sabotage your own efforts

You often feel shame from various situations

You find it hard to assert yourself and to say "no".

You hide behind a "mask", afraid to show your true self to others.

You regularly engage in negative thinking and self-talk.

You are hyper vigilant of the way other people act.

You believe that you don't deserve love.

You often set very low targets for yourself.

You often make excuses as to why you can't do something.

Does this definition of low self-esteem resonate with you?


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Success Stories

"I am now pretty confident in what is ahead of me. I now know I have the resources to go through life the way I want, thanks to you.  In making me see who I really was I have dug myself out from under all the weight of my insecurities and self doubts. Thank you, thank you. You are an angel from heaven. I truly believe so."   

Gail Shier, Burlington

"All my relationships, with my kids, my mom, at work, are all better, so much better, and it's from my coming to get coaching from you.  Thank you Heather because this has brought more happiness into my life!."

Fredericha Oller-Sung

"I was in my first psychiatrist's chair by age 

13....because I was writing poetry about taking my

own life." 

"Heather's understanding of, and passion for good health is obvious from the first time you meet her. She teaches and enlightens in a simple, clear and engaging way that inspires the listener to get involved and really take something away from the teaching. Her lectures/talks are well-prepared, and have lots of room for audience participation and involvement. I highly recommend this group, and I look forward to more of Heather's meetings!"  Rienier

Inner balance coaching touched every part of my life. I am advancing in my career and my relationships are noticeably richer with love and laughter!  I can’t say thank you enough. 


Doris Miskie

Whitby, Ontario

Inner Balance Coaching:

Inner Balance Coaching assists in bringing about change.  With a higher self-esteem, more confidence what would you change in your life?   What sabotages your happiness now will be pointed out to you, worked on together and removing the fears that weaken you is half the battle.  The other half is building up confidence and the skills you'll need to do bolder and greater things with.

Measurable change can be achieved in many situations, especially when dealing with anxiety, depression, stress and anger.  Emotional intelligence helps us feel more in control of a situation but also more in control of our own emotional state.  Many times clients feel helpless to produce their best results when depression, anxiety or other negative emotions are present.  Counseling can help, clients have said that by letting go of fears they experience this incredible sense of freedom,  that even a year after coaching they are still producing new results!  




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