Self-Esteem, Confidence and Leadership

Are you frustrated with one or more people in your life?  Is your marriage in need of some help?


Clients come to me to understand and repair all types of relationships: relationships with partners, family members, friends, coworkers, and even relationships with themselves.


As adults, we can carry hurts that trigger strong reactions when someone pushes our buttons. We can also build the biggest fortress around our heart. It's scary for many to open up about intimate feelings for fear of rejection or ridicule, so we often shut others out and keep our pain inside.


Learn to be vulnerable!  Enrich the presence of LOVE in your relationships.   and communicate your feelings in positive ways.  Love is more valuable to us, to our happiness, than anything else.  Love heals, love empowers, love inspires us and love can be understood and increased your life!



Enjoy Rewarding Relationships

"All my relationships, with my kids, my mom, at work, are all better, so much better, and it's from my coming to get coaching from you. Thank you Heather because this has brought more happiness into my life."? Fredericha Oller-Sung

Relationship challenges can also arise when needs are unmet and personal preferences are misunderstood. Signs you may have low self-esteem or low confidence in the area of relationships; frustrated, judgmental, guarded, annoyed with the other person a lot, or disrespectful. If left unattended, those feelings can cost you your relationship.

Success Story

Courtney and Mike met, fell in love, and married within four months. A year later, they were ready to separate due to personality differences and lack of communication. Watch this interview on Rogers TV to learn about personality types and hear how Inner Balance Coaching helped save Courtney and Mike's relationship.     ROGERS TV LINK/INTERVIEW

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