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How can I fit counseling into my busy schedule? It’s hard for me to get to Whitby. Do you have another office?

To eliminate travel some clients prefer counseling by phone, Google Hangouts or Skype .  If daytime appointments are not convenient you can book your appointments in the evenings. My hours are 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday to Friday.




I’m overwhelmed. Can you help me?

The best place to start is by meeting to discuss your situation. Book a free 20-minute consultation and choose to come into the office in Whitby in the Durham Region or have the consult by phone. Call 905-409-2762 or email to set up a time.





I’ve tried other therapy. How will your counseling affect the therapy I’ve done?

We start with your current problems and build on the work you’ve completed. My clients report they are achieving better results and seeing greater improvements with Inner Balance Coaching.



I don’t need to just hear myself talk. How is your counseling different?

Inner Balance Coaching teaches you new ways of thinking each visit, you leave with new skills, increased wisdom, and new awareness. My counseling approach provides you with inspiration to change, heal, and achieve.





How long do I need to see you?

I’ve had clients obtain their desired results within 6 to 20 visits. Each person’s situation is different. We can determine a time frame when I learn more about your problem.





How can you help me?

Good question. I need to hear about your issue and get to know you.  Then I can determine the best approach to help you. A free 20-minute consultation in person or by phone is the best way to start.



Are your services covered under my company’s plan?

Many insurance companies cover counseling services. Check with your Human Resources department and ask about Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or Family Assistance Program (FAP) benefits. Inquire about your plan’s coverage and how to submit your claims.





How is Inner Balance Coaching different than other forms of therapy? I haven't had much luck going to a psychologist.

The feedback from clients is they see faster progress and gain a stronger sense of empowerment with Inner Balance Coaching.


"I have been seeing Heather for just over 2 months now (4 visits) and am amazed to see so much wonderful change l ready have. It's like a miracle really.


I feel way more confidence, I even stood up to a bully last week with inner strength yet very calm...that shocked me!  I was so proud of myself.  My emotional wellness is also measurable, I feel engaged in doing things, accomplish goals, and I'm smiling WAY more than ever.  I have never felt this good about me before. It's work, but it's simple and it's amazing. I am so grateful to Heather for empowering me to change my life."

Lisa, Pickering, Ontario



I am Christian looking for a Christian Counselor.  can you provide Counseling in line with my faith?

Yes I am also a Christian.  I can bring Christian teachings, faith, and biblical principles to aid you during coaching.





How much does Counseling cost? 

A 60 minute appointment costs $95 and a 30 minute appointment costs $50.  You choose the length of each visit, 30 minutes or 60 minutes, and frequency of visits, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.  Most clients choose 60 minutes every two weeks. Set up a frequency that fits your budget and schedule.





How long have you been counseling?

I have been counseling clients for over 10 years.





What is your training?

I’m certified in Personal Development Facilitation, Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation, and Wellness Consulting through the institute of Optimal Lifestyle Wellness. My training focuses on the mind, will, and emotions giving you the ability to elevate the results you can produce in all areas of your life.