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Learn Essential Skills to Beat Depression


Depression affects your ability to enjoy life. It impacts your work, your relationships, and your health.


When you’re depressed, you can suffer with a variety of symptoms: lack of energy, lack of motivation, sleep and weight changes, physical pains, concentration and memory issues, self-loathing or guilt, agitation, and anger.

Being depressed makes you feel hopeless, like you can never make a change to feel better.

"I have been seeing Heather for just over 2 months now (4 visits) and

am amazed to see so much wonderful change already. It's like a miracle really.


I feel way more confidence, I even stood up to a bully last week with inner strength yet very calm...that shocked me!  I was so proud of myself.  

My emotional wellness is also measurable, I feel engaged in doing things, accomplish goals, and I'm smiling WAY more than ever.  I have never felt this good about me before. It's work, but it's simple and

it's amazing. I am so grateful to Heather for empowering me to change my life."

Lisa, Pickering, Ontario


 But you can feel better. You can enjoy life again. I’ve seen positive change happen for many clients who’ve come to me for help with confidence and found coaching had a positive effect on their depression.


David’s Success Story

Recently divorced and in his 50s, David was depressed, angry, and lonely. After seeing a therapist for three years, he still had low self-esteem and was stuck trying to get his life back on track. He wondered whether he could ever move forward in a positive and fulfilling way. To find out more, read David’s success story.


Essential Skills to Beat Depression


Negative thinking habits can lead you on the downward spiral of depression. When you’re caught in this spiral, life can feel hopeless.


To help break out of depression, you need to learn the skills that can effectively change your thinking habits.   Inner Balance Coaching can have a huge impact on developing your emotional intellect, and putting you in control of your emotions.


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