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Inner Balance Personal Coaching

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It’s a confidence makeover! When you feel courageously confident you will saunter all the way home!  

COACHING:  Inner Balance Coaching one on one or as a couple weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and for 30 to 60 minutes creating a coaching program that fits your budget and scheduled.  Forward is forward, fast or slow, make change happen!

Phone Coaching Available

Free Consultation for New Clients

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Groups - individual tailored packages available.

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Inner Balance Coaching - Keeping a good thing going

Call the coach for support, advice and motivation regarding all your monthly challenges.  Keep your inner core strong!  Discuss daily challenges, experience paradigm shifts and set inspiring new goals.  Continue to grow and prosper with Inner Balance Coaching monthly mentoring.    

Shaklee products are my personal favorite:

For people who want a healthy life and a healthier planet see the link below for on line ordering.

100% money-back guarantee, call to order, home delivery


Shaklee products are my personal favorite, I love quality in the things I buy, especially in vitamins.  Shaklee is an integral company doing great things around the world.  Not only do they give support globally to others in need, they are focused as a company on being green, being natural, and living healthy.  They do what's right, not what's easy and I like that!

CREATE PHYSICAL strength and you'll have courageous thoughts!

 Energize your health and you'll spark new ideas!

 Sustain good health and you'll FLOURISH WITH perpetual momentum!

call 905-409-2762 to order
100% money-back guarantee, call to order, home delivery

Fatigue makes cowards of us all.

Vince Lombardi
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In The Community

Meet other local hiking enthusiasts who enjoy getting out into nature. We don't always take time for simple, yet significant body and soul type events, and the benefits are overwhelming, in the sweetest, possible way.  New members are warmly welcomed! Enjoy fellowship and be inspired by nature each and every time you hit the trails with Hiking Buddies!

Hiking Buddies!