Self-Esteem, Confidence and Leadership

Heather Walter, Inner Balance Coach

I started Courageous Confidence in 2005 and specialize in confidence!  I have seen clients achieve emotional wellness, build better relationships, and boldly step out to create satisfying lives.


As an Inner Balance Coach, I’m certified in Personal Development Facilitation specializing in leadership development, Self-esteem Elevation, and Wellness Consulting.  

Volunteer at the Embassy Church Oshawa

"To say that you have always had the gift of an intuitive soul would be an understatement. Your beautiful and calm demeanor encourages others to trust and share with you and you are the conduit through which life changing messages can be shared. However, it is a gift that you so bravely chose to pursue and un-earth, in spite of a very un-settling childhood. A gorgeous spirit dwells within you and we are the fortunate recipients."  Donna Capris


Keynote speeches to Shaklee Canada and the Town of Ajax and have provided educational training seminars to Stonehenge Addiction Center, One Parent Families, Foster Parent Canada, and Holy Family Church. I’ve also appeared on Rogers Daytime Television Show talking on topics related to wellness and relationships and a published author of Frozen By Fear.


Organizer and leader of hiking events on regular explorations on the trails locally and weekend away to the Finger Lakes or Algonquin areas. Hiking Buddies was formed in 2009 and provides a great outlet for many to connect, be inspired and enjoy an adventures.  LINK


To book a free consultation call or email 905-409-2762