Self-Esteem, Confidence and Leadership



 learn how to REPLACE fear WITH  courageous  confidence.

 How would it feel to boldly interact with  others?

bravely pursue your interests and  spontaneously express the most of yourself.


How I Can Help You

I specialize in individual coaching to raise self-esteem, equipping you to communicate clearly and confidently.

Why Choose Courageous Confidence?

With Inner Balance Coaching, I'm able to help you achieve fast results. Some clients have greatly reduced feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, overwhelm, and fear in as little as three appointments.  

" I had gone through a separation that left me depressed, angry, resentful and confused. After several months in the past with another Therapist, I hit a wall and wasn't able to move forward.  Within a few appointments with Heather Walter I was seeing large positive shifts in my attitude and I found inner peace."  Michael

" Hi Heather, I want to thank you for all the help and guidance you have given me so far. I have finally been able to leave my past in the past where it belongs. You have helped me realize that although I've been through some horrible things in life I still have a bright future ahead of me. When I went to orientation/interview for my new job this morning I was not anxious at all and I felt like I was just having a conversation with the person interviewing me. It felt amazing. I feel a lot more confident in myself which I know helped with the interview. I love the person I'm becoming, and I know that as I continue to grow and become more confident, I will continue to amaze and blow myself away. Thank you :D & take care." 

Stephanie Easton, Bowmanville

"Inner balance coaching touched every part of my life. I am advancing in my career and my relationships are noticeably richer with love and laughter!  I can’t say thank you enough." Doris Miskie, Whitby, Ontario

I use a goal-oriented approach striving to bring you to your fullest potential which includes starting with your one-year vision.  

As an Inner Balance Coach, I am certified in Personal Development Facilitation, Self-Esteem Elevation, and Wellness Consulting.   Read more on the about me page.

I provide compassionate, confidential counseling with the understanding of your need to grow and take charge of your life.

I have been helping clients improve their lives since 2005.  I provide coaching in person at my office in Whitby or by telephone.

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"Courage is rightly considered the foremost of the virtues, for upon it, all others depend." 

                                                     Winston Churchill


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Courageous Confidence

Inner Balance Coaching to build inner strength!

How would it feel to boldly interact with others, bravely pursue your interests, and spontaneously express your best self?

Effective and lasting change comes from within.  If you experience emotional swings in and out of anger, worry, fear or depression, etc, these feeling can undermine your efforts, sabotage your drive, and cause damage to your relationships and your career. 

With Inner Balance Coaching you can learn to...

> Address challenges of all kinds calmly, effectively

> Develop more confidence

> Manage stress well 

> Reduce feelings like overwhelm, depression, anxiety and anger

> Communicate effectively, confidently and build strong relationships

> Overcome fear and unleash your creative best

> Improve your goal setting methods and see achievements stack up

Personal and Professional Counseling for FAST and Effective Change

Success Stories

"I have been seeing Heather for just over 2 months now (4 visits) and

am amazed to see so much wonderful change already. It's like a miracle really.


I feel way more confidence, I even stood up to a bully last week with inner strength yet very calm...that shocked me!  I was so proud of myself.  

My emotional wellness is also measurable, I feel engaged in doing things, accomplish goals, and I'm smiling WAY more than ever.  I have never felt this good about me before. It's work, but it's simple and

it's amazing. I am so grateful to Heather for empowering me to change my life."

Lisa, Pickering, Ontario

"With coaching from Courageous Confidence, Sancor Industries has seen the employees display a increased level of confidence in their work.  More is getting accomplished, employees are accountable, take initiative and complete tasks with impressive results and less mistakes.  Pryor to coaching employees took more sick days off and follow through USED to required assertive management efforts.  Sancor Industries feels confident and able to create growth like never before because of the coaching."

Tara D'Oliveira
Sancor Industries

"Heather is a caring, concerned professional who is committed to her clients well-being and personal growth. From "rabbit ears" to digital cable Heather has helped me to see my world differently. The confidence, insight and courage she builds into her clients is truly a gift. I give her the highest of recommendations."  Jayne, Scarborough, Ontario

Thank you so much for facilitating the session with our Book Club last night. It was such a positive and enlightening experience.  The way you went about delivering your message was brilliant; you first sought to understand us and then delivered things in a quiet and thoughtful way giving much latitude to the open culture of the group. Brilliant! We are very much interested in you coming back for Courageous Confidence Part Two.

Again, thanks so much,

Claire Tucker-Reid

Ajax, Ontario

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